A Collaborative Approach Maximizes the Value of Managed Services

by Granville Triumph The current economic downturn has forced many organizations to reduce their IT budgets and put many new initiatives on hold. That doesn’t mean they’re cutting IT spending entirely. On the contrary, many are taking a hard look at investments that can help … Continue reading

Is Your Organization Ready to Support Remote Workers Long-Term?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented upheaval in business operations. According to estimates from Global Workplace Analytics, approximately 9.8 million Americans worked remotely in 2019. That number ballooned to roughly 70 million virtually overnight as organizations scrambled to comply with social distancing guidelines. This experiment … Continue reading

Planning Is Key to Minimizing Supply Chain Risk

by Granville Triumph We live in a highly connected, global economy, with a company’s very survival sometimes depending upon the continued operation of businesses around the world. This fact has certainly been driven home by the COVID-19 pandemic. Business disruptions caused by quarantines and stay-at-home … Continue reading

Women Entrepreneurship: Steady Progress but Obstacles Remain

This year, we celebrate the 100thanniversary of the ratification of the 19thamendment to the Constitution, which granted American women the right to vote. Just this month, the House of Representatives voted to remove the deadline on ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, which would allow for … Continue reading

Succession Planning: When Boomers Retire, Who Will Step Up?

The first Baby Boomers turned 65 in 2011. Since then, 10,000 people per day have reached that milestone and will continue to do so until 2030, when all Baby Boomers will have turned 65. Needless to say, this generation is retiring in droves. And they’re … Continue reading

Why Innovation Management Is a Competitive Advantage

Innovation is one of those concepts that can be difficult to precisely define, especially in terms of business value. Just about everyone would agree that the ability to innovate by developing new or different solutions to real-world problems is a competitive differentiator. But does innovation … Continue reading

Why You Should Look Beyond Performance to See and Invest in Potential

A study from a talent evaluation solutions provider found that high-potential employees are 91 percent more valuable to an organization than other employees. By adding a high-potential employee to your team, you can automatically increase the performance of other team members by 5 percent to … Continue reading

Improving the Candidate Experience Must Be a Top Business Priority

The customer experience. The patient experience. The student experience. Large corporations, healthcare companies, educational institutions, and organizations in just about every industry have made it their top priority to deliver an exceptional experience for the people they serve. In recent years, these initiatives have extended … Continue reading

VUCA Is an Opportunity to Overcome, Not an Excuse to Fail

by Granville Triumph Business changes constantly. As technology becomes sophisticated, the rate of change accelerates, making that change difficult to fully understand and even more difficult to control. In recent years, the concept of VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – has become a … Continue reading

How to Manage Organizational Change to Reduce Risk and Uncertainty

by Granville Triumph Organizational change is inevitable. When a company is doing well, it needs to change to support ongoing growth and success. When a company is struggling, it needs to change to stop the bleeding and regain its competitiveness. When market conditions change, organizations … Continue reading