Success Isn’t Just about the Product. It’s about the Business Model.

by Granville Triumph According to Business Insider, more than 3,800 retail stores will close in 2018. Toys R Us is gone, and well-known retailers such as Walgreen’s, Best Buy and Gap are all closing hundreds of stores. Retailers are selling products that are similar or … Continue reading

Annual Performance Reviews: Valuable Exercise or Useless Dinosaur?

by Granville Triumph Annual performance reviews seem simple enough. Evaluate how well an employee has performed his or her job, offer feedback, discuss expectations and accomplishments, establish new goals, document all information, and discuss your assessment with the employee. Performance reviews also give the employee … Continue reading

How to Set Salaries to Be Competitive and Avoid Overpaying

by Granville Triumph Nothing can cause conflict and tension in the workplace like discrepancies in salary. “He’s getting paid what!?” “I do twice as much work as her for the same amount of money!” “Must be nice to collect a big check for sitting around … Continue reading

Relocating Headquarters Isn’t Just About Finding More Space

by Granville Triumph Discussions about Amazon’s search for its second headquarters have reached a fever pitch. More than 200 cities have been clamoring for consideration with the expectation that Amazon would bring tens of thousands of jobs and millions in infrastructure investments and free publicity. … Continue reading

Why a Business Strategy Is Critical for Sustained Success

by Granville Triumph Another New Year is upon us. It’s a time of resolutions, when people latch onto new weight loss gimmicks, hoping for better results than last year. I’m no doctor, but any doctor worth his or her salt will tell you that the … Continue reading

Business Risk Mitigation Requires a Strategic Approach

by Granville Triumph Remember the story of Hans Brinker, the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dike? He recognized that a small hole left untended could grow larger, ultimately weakening the dike and allowing the sea to come crashing through. He stayed … Continue reading

Business Interruptions, Market Volatility, Cyberattacks Top Business Risks

by Granville Triumph What’s the biggest risk to your business? Depending upon your geographic location or industry sector, the answer might range financial pressures to an inability to find skilled talent to competitive forces. But the one commonality for businesses this year is a climate … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: ‘Digital Transformation’ Tops List of Tech Trends

by Granville Triumph Toward the end of each year, IT industry analysts, consultants and research firms publish their predictions of the technology trends that will gain the most traction in the coming months. This year’s trendy picks sound like the stuff of science fiction: augmented … Continue reading

How a Thorough Assessment Can Help You Improve Your Business in 2017

by Granville Triumph Many businesses operate year after year with little to no change in process or strategy. Unless there is some shock to the system — the loss of a large customer, say, or a dramatic market shift — most organizations stick with the … Continue reading

Mobility Can Drive Revenue but Careful Planning Is Essential

by Granville Triumph As organizations begin planning their technology investments for 2017, a number of industries are prioritizing mobility products and solutions. In its most recent Worldwide Semiannual Mobility Spending Guide, released on Oct. 6, research firm IDC has forecast that mobility revenues will increase … Continue reading