Customer Service Is Key to Success

Custom Service at Granville TriumphGranville Triumph’s philosophy regarding customer service can be summed up in a single phrase: “always clients first.” Mr. Triumph believes that every business process must be designed around the needs of the client, and every point of contact must focus on the client’s issue or request. This customer service mindset also informs every business decision and drives investments in the personnel, technologies and other resources needed to continually exceed client expectations.

“I believe that customer service is a culture that develops both from the top down and from the bottom up,” Triumph said. “Executive leadership must not only talk about customer service but live it — expressing through action what customer service means for the organization. This must take place in all contexts, both in front of clients and behind the scenes. Your team will take these cues and provide exceptional customer service in everything they do.”

Of course, it is important to assemble the right personnel in place to deliver on that promise. Mr. Triumph relishes in organizing groups of talented individuals into teams that embody his “always clients first” philosophy. He creates an environment that encourages team members to succeed and grow, to advance their knowledge, and to go the extra mile to serve clients.

“Those are investments that always pay real dividends,” he said. “When you remain loyal to your clients they will be loyal to you, and you will experience both a strong sense of satisfaction and a solid bottom line.”