Granville Triumph was honored to participate in Career Day at the William Wordsworth School. Mr. Triumph shared his background with the students to help them explore the idea of a career in business or information technology.


The telecommunications and technology industries has undergone dramatic change over the past three decades — change that has seen the rise and fall of numerous companies. Mature markets face intense pricing pressure and significant competition while bleeding-edge technologies pose tremendous risks. In order to survive intact, an IT firm needs steady leadership with entrepreneurial talent, technical expertise and a deep understanding of customer needs.

Granville Triumph brings those qualities to the organizations he leads. His business and service-delivery strategy transcends IT market forces by focusing on four key tenets:

  • Upfront investments that enable aggressive growth without a corresponding increase in overhead costs;
  • Continuous process improvement designed to streamline operations and maximize staff efficiency;
  • A client-centric business model designed to assure client satisfaction, client retention and referral business;
  • Positioning the firm as a strategic IT partner to its clients, minimizing the effects of commodity pricing pressures.

Together, these tenets have enabled Mr. Triumph to create a platform for continued profitability, growth and competitive advantage.

Mr. Triumph believes in maintaining control over all functions that impact customers. While many IT firms outsource activities such as customer support they cannot perform profitably, Mr. Triumph has built companies with the financial strength to make the significant capital investment needed to insource these functions.

Mr. Triumph has spent his career in the New York / New Jersey market, and understands the business and IT needs of small to midsize businesses in this area. Organizations seek advice and input in these areas can reach Mr. Triumph through his contact page.