An Entrepreneurial Legacy

Entrepeneurship - Granville TriumphGranville Triumph is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur — a seasoned business owner with a talent for both innovative thinking and sound business strategy. He has the entrepreneur’s ability to envision solutions to problems that haven’t yet been imagined, and the executive’s ability to marshal the resources needed to reach those perceived ends.

Mr. Triumph began his entrepreneurial odyssey at the age of 16, when he bought a car and paid for it by renting it to his friends.“When other kids were setting up lemonade stands, I was thinking about business strategy,” he said. “It’s part of my DNA. It’s what I do.”

Notwithstanding his youthful foray into automobile rental, Mr. Triumph has dedicated much of his boundless energy to the technology field. The technology industry is dynamic and ever-changing, yet requires focus and commitment. As such, it appeals to both his entrepreneurial and executive viewpoints.

“I enjoy staying abreast of the latest technology, particularly its impact on business. And having been in this business for three decades, I can generally spot trends,” Triumph said. “But one thing that has not changed is the importance of alliances. The IT industry exemplifies the value of strong relationships in business.”

As a result of his accomplishments, Mr. Triumph is a member of numerous advisory boards and is often sought by young entrepreneurs for his sound advice regarding business strategy and development. Even in a business environment where the rules are always changing, there is no substitute for experience.