Granville Triumph Presents at William Wordsworth School Career Day


Granville Triumph was honored to participate in Career Day at the William Wordsworth School on May 16th. The school asked Mr. Triumph to share his background with the students and help them begin exploring the idea of a career in business or information technology.

“Young people have a lot of exposure to certain visible careers, such as law enforcement, first responders, doctors, teachers. They may also dream of making it big in sports or music,” Triumph said. “But I don’t think that many middle school students have stopped to think about careers in the corporate world and the IT systems that help keep it running. The leaders at William Wordsworth School very wisely want to mentor the students in this area.”

For his presentation, Mr. Triumph chose the topic of “What Is a CEO?” so that the students could learn what business leaders do each day and how they might one day become one. He also discussed the personal traits executives must possess and the responsibilities that come with running a business, highlighted by examples of famous CEOs. intern Karim Cole joined him in the presentation, providing a real-life example of the transition from school to work in a corporate environment.

“I very much enjoy talking with young people about becoming an entrepreneur and maybe one day owning a business,” Triumph said. “It is my hope that I was able to plant that seed in these young lives.”

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