Granville Triumph Looks at Potential Business Opportunities in Guyana

Granville Triumph in GuyanaGranville Triumph recently visited Guyana to explore the potential for new business opportunities — in particular, establishing a cloud computing service there. He met with several government officials and business leaders in the Caribbean nation, who were receptive to his ideas and proposals.

Mr. Triumph has three decades of experience in IT, and successfully built a cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution that serves customers of his U.S.-based IT business. Cloud computing enables his customers to take advantage of the latest technologies for a monthly fee based upon usage, without the need for capital investment or IT staff. With IaaS, the equipment is owned and managed by the service provider, and hosted in a secure data center with redundant power and telecom connections.

“I believe that cloud computing would bring value to businesses in Guyana,” Mr. Triumph said. “The country has enjoyed moderate economic growth, and the environment is ripe for further investment. An IaaS solution would provide business with the technology resources and expertise they need to grow rapidly. It was exciting to explore this ground floor opportunity and gratifying to speak with officials and business leaders who can appreciate this vision.”

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